Although Newbie beat is timeshared, Owners are from time to time unable to fish their rods and offer their fishing for rent on this website.


CyclicalFishingCalender – Cyclical Calendar for Fishing Weeks commencing 2014 being on a Monday.


Rods For Sale 

Rods being offered for sale by independent owners may appear on the Fishpal website, although owners who do not wish to use that facility will advertise here.


The following Rod Weeks are offered sale in perpetuity.

weekdateNo of rodsPricecontact details
2416/8/213£1500 eachEmail Julie
239/8/214£1500 eachEmail Julie
2523/8/213£1500 eachEmail Julie
2630/8/212£2000 eachEmail Julie
276/9/213£2250 eachEmail Julie
314/10/211£6000Email Julie
239/8/213£7500 for all 3Email Julie
3318/10/213£21,000 for all 3Email Julie
2523/08/211£2750Email Julie
351/11/211£ 2200Email Julie
121/3/221£500Email Julie


Rods To Let 

Rods offered for rent this season by independent owners will generally appear here.


Week CommencingDaysNo. RodsPriceContact details
10/9/18M T W T F S5£35 a dayEmail Julie


Things to note

The season is from the 28th of February until the 15th of November ONLY

There are only 10 rods per day Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs., Fri, Sat. (No Fishing on a Sunday.)