Trout and Grayling fly fishing can be quite superb. Early season rods may be bought or let at prices that are very reasonable for the trout fishing, but with the bonus of a spring salmon or early sea trout always a possibility. Owners and lets enjoy the full facilities that Newbie beat has to offer at all times throughout the season

We wish to foster an interest from brown trout fishermen in purchasing a week at Newbie, where they can enjoy owning their fishing in perpetuity whilst using the facilities of the capacious beat hut where an oven, microwave, tea making , hot and cold water, wood burning stove, fridge, freezer, table with seating for ten, adjacent rod room, flush toilet, and car park are available and kept in top order by Julie our fishery administrator. Salmon and sea trout fishing rights are obviously included, and fishermen are reminded that there is no requirement for a licence in Scotland. The River Annan District Salmon Fishery Board are working tirelessly to improve the spring salmon and total sea trout numbers. Catches this spring, mainly as a serendipitous by product of the wild trout fishing for which Annan is increasingly renowned, are on the up throughout the river.

Which is where the trout and grayling fishing comes in!

This year we have had a few intrepid owners and guests who, having been intrigued on earlier visits by prolific hatches of fly generating a sustained dimpling of the surface on the part of feeding trout and grayling, brought the appropriate kit with them and set out to test the size and mettle of those fish, with spectacular results, interspersed with some surprises.

Both dry fly and nymphs proved successful with the trout and grayling, with good daily bags of fish in the 1lb to 3.5lb range, and of course there were larger fish which inevitably got away, a necessary phenomenon to find in an exceptional fishy tale! The surprises however were the sea trout between 1lb and 1.5lb which were feeding on the hatch in broad daylight amongst the residents, and avidly accepted the artificial flies. Spring Salmon have also been evident in the beat most weeks, and a few have been caught by the handful of fishermen present so far this year.

The fishing pressure in the earlier months of the year has historically been low and all but exclusively concentrated on spring salmon and seatrout. The set up at inception of the timeshare was for exceptional autumn weeks to be teamed with a spring week and then marketed as a pair. Owners thus foisted upon, fished the prime autumn week, but rarely made use of their spring week, being of the opinion that the migratory fish catches in comparison did not justify the time and expenses involved, with the consequence that the resale value of these weeks has over the years considerably diminished.

Throughout the river Brown Trout have always been regarded as the progenitors of the more highly valued sea trout and it is known that 90% plus of returning sea trout are female, relying on the indigenous browns for fertilisation. For this reason brownies have been returned as a matter of course for many years, leading to the big population of wild brown trout across many age groups that we see today.

All this represents a great opportunity for the brown trout angler to become a riparian owner in perpetuity for a relatively small outlay and to enjoy high quality wild brown trout fishing with early sea trout and spring salmon as a bonus.


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